Two table flag formats

Our sustainable table flags are available in two standard formats. The height of the MD Mini is 30 cm, and the king-size, MD Basic is 40 cm.

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The minimum order quantity for our sustainable table flag banners is 8 pieces. Our prices include volume discounts, set-up and start-up costs.

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Design/working method

We can prepare a proposal for you, or you can supply us with a completed, digital design.
In which case, please take the following…

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Obligation-free quote

For more information, an obligation-free quote and/or a mock-up, please call us on weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30, or email us.


Durable and sustainable table flags

Our table flags are both fully recyclable and have a long life. As a company, we also consider it important to make an extra contribution, where possible, to the sustainability of community and environment.

In addition to several more obvious, easily-implementable, internal measures (such as separating waste, economical lighting and optimising the digital circulation of documents), we focus on the following core sustainability measures:
– Reuse/recycling of PVC-coated, polyester fabrics (banners)
– Reuse/recycling of Acrylate and Plexiglas (stands)